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The Fast Shift Method

To receive the full benefits of The Fast Shift Method simply allow the instructions to flow through you. Don’t grasp or think about them. 🙂

When instructed to do so, allow your tongue to be completely soft and relaxed, you will notice the mind chatter has stopped, and a sense of alert, calm, responsive, presence is present.

You will also notice that you are naturally breathing deeply from your belly.

If you go back to the front of your head and start thinking about something, you will notice that breathing almost stops (or becomes very shallow) and the tongue becomes tense.

Remarkably, it turns out the tongue is a switch that enables us to toggle between zoomed-in, thought-based analysis, rumination and self-referential thinking (most people are stuck in this mode) and the optimal, zoomed-out, agile state of being, called aware Presence.

With this practice you are learning to CHOOSE your mode of being (mindstate) according to the demands of the situation you are in.

The Fast Shift Method, also called Centering, is one of the foundational practices taught by Dr. Mark in the Human Potential Intensive aspect of the Human Potential Coach Training program.

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