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Is your income less than you want it to be?

Are you looking to change careers?

Have you considered training as a Coach?

Take charge of your income and future with our world-class Human Potential Coach Training program.

Whether you want to transition to a new career as a full-time certified Coach, upgrade your professional skills, or earn additional income alongside your existing work, the HPI Human Potential Coach Training program will get you where you want to go. Human Potential Coaches typically charge their Clients $100 to $350/hour.

Becoming a Certified Human Potential Coach is the fast-track way to creating a deeply fulfilling life by helping others unlock their potential.

Our Human Potential Coach Certification Will Set You Apart



Our pioneering coaching model combines the Inner Game of Coaching (self mastery) with the Outer Game of Coaching (how to coach). It's a revelation and transformational!



If you want to be recognized as a professional Coach and want to charge a premium rate, an International Coaching Federation (ICF)-Accredited training is a must. Our Level 1 Accredited training track is approved for 60+ Approved Coach Specific Training Hours!

FROM $333/MO

FROM $333/MO

We now offer an incredible 0% interest, no fee, no application, no credit check instalment plan with our partner Splitit. Plans start from $333/mo for the Regular Track and $499/mo for the ICF Track during our Early Bird Sale. Choose the length of your plan — from 2 to 12 months!

$18,000 OF VALUE!

$18,000 OF VALUE!

You will receive a world-class Coach training program package valued at $18,000! This includes two business and marketing courses from the highest paid marketing consultant in the world, Jay Abraham!



Become part of an incredible community of over 1500 students and Coaches. Tap into life-changing business opportunities and friendships. Belong to a network of like-minded people!

Wondering whether we are a good fit for you? Read what our Graduates have to say!

Jono Liew Jono Liew

Jono Liew

Selfoss, Iceland

This is honestly one of the, if not THE best Coach training programs out there. I don't think anyone of us knew what we were getting ourselves into. But what a journey it has been! Even if you have no intention to be a Coach, you'd get more than your money worth just doing it for self-improvement.

I really appreciate my fellow Coaches-in-Training who were more likeminded than many of my contemporaries in real life. And the trainers, they are simply top notch Coaches and excellent human beings.

It was one of the best investments I've made. If you are still on the fence about it, think no more: just do it!!

Elissa Kerpen Elissa Kerpen

Elissa Kerpen

Melbourne, Australia

This has been one of the most valuable learning experiences I've had.

I was able to apply the skills learnt each week to my current work life which has allowed me to excel in performance and rank at the top of my field.

I have also opened up a coaching practise concurrently helping people actively work towards their goals. A very rewarding outcome.

Dustin Rippetoe Dustin Rippetoe

Dustin Rippetoe

Tulsa, Oklahoma

When I came across Human Potential Institute I knew I found the right course; because it not only addressed the skills and competencies of coaching but the biological underpinnings of effective behavior change that most (all?) others miss.

I wanted to coach to witness transformation in others… I was not expecting to see such a shift in myself. I've recommended this course to anyone looking for a coaching certification. But be warned… the course will challenge you and ask that you grow. Worth every penny and in fact I have suggested they double the price!

Susan Robertson Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson

Melbourne, Australia

The Human Potential Coaching course was an incredible experience for me. Not only was it jam-packed with science-based information, but the exceptional teachers took me through a personal growth journey that brought me to the end of the course a far different person than I was at the start. By the end, I was also thoroughly prepared as a coach to help other people through that journey to being their best selves. This was definitely one of the best investments I have ever made.

David K. Woodward, DPT David K. Woodward, DPT

David K. Woodward, DPT

Honolulu, Hawaii

I feel much more confident on how I am as a human being; as a husband, father, biohacker, and entrepreneur, and recognizing what kind of potential I am capable of reaching. But what is even more amazing is how I can share this experience with all my clients and patients, and help as many people out there with reaching what they may perceive as resilience. I believe coaching can be an opening to concierge health care, and I am excited to be a part of it!

Ari DeGrote Ari DeGrote

Ari DeGrote

Kansas City, Kansas

What a ride! I am beyond grateful for this experience and the inspirational people I've met. I've learned so many tangible tools and skills. I have already been making a difference in the lives of my clients and I’m so eager to continue this work, partnering with others so they may meet their greatest selves and bring them into being. This course taught me hard skills, but there are so many necessary “soft skills” that create the foundation and sustainability of growth. Making these links through my own experiential process has been incredible and meaningful. I’ll take this everywhere I go!

Becca Reed Becca Reed

Becca Reed

Aptos, California

I had completed a six month program and was a certified Health Coach before I started the Human Potential Coach program. Even so, I didn’t feel like I really had the skills or knowledge to make a real difference for my clients.

After the weekend workshop I was 100% more prepared to coach effectively and that was just the beginning! 35 weeks later, I get comments like, “I feel like I’ve turned the corner,” “You gave me courage,” and “That was life changing.” I have happy clients who are moving toward their goals. HPI knows what they are doing. The training is top notch. They will make you a Coach – a real one.

Evan Gonzalez Evan Gonzalez

Evan Gonzalez

Santa Cruz, California

I highly recommend that if you plan to certify as a Human Potential Coach, take the leap and go all the way through and credential with the ICF as an ACC. The course fine tunes training on the ICF competencies and prepares you to enter the ICF credentialing process confidently.

Amanda Carey Amanda Carey

Amanda Carey

Sydney, Australia

This is one of the best decisions I have made to do this course. I found for me the best way way to see it as a training program for myself. Then you walk away with the added bonus of being able to coach people and do what you love. The thing i love most about this course, is it enables you to become a fully embodied coach. Meaning, you live what you practise. You are what you teach. Clients will feel this through you because you learn how to coach from presence. Not only has this course changed my life. I am already seeing amazing change in my clients. THANK YOU!!!

Emily Baker Emily Baker

Emily Baker

Los Angeles, California

It’s not an exaggeration to say that coach training transformed my life. My career as the District Attorney of LA county left me sick and burned out. Human Potential Coach Training taught me how to heal from the inside out. After becoming a certified Coach I quit my job, started my own company and now have the energy to live the life I was looking for.

Lisa Honeywell Lisa Honeywell

Lisa Honeywell

Houston, Texas

I have tremendous respect and admiration for the Human Potential Coaches that have come before me and those that will follow. The skill and ability to be present while coaching my Clients is truly an inspiring and cherished gift. Peers experienced their own incredible and unexpected breakthroughs during our coaching sessions. My Clients have attested to the powerful impact and effectiveness of genuine mindful coaching.

Hailey Rowe Hailey Rowe

Hailey Rowe

Chicago, Illinois

Becoming a Human Potential Coach was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel fully equipped and qualified with the skills and knowledge necessary to best serve my Clients. I've helped Clients overcome perfectionism, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and addiction to sugar. I’ve also helped them build long-term feel good habits, like exercising regularly or high intensity interval training.

I was surprised to learn so much about myself through the training - the 8 weeks of Mindfulness Training got me into a consistent meditation practice because I finally understood how it could benefit me. I've done other Coach programs and trainings, none of them have the level of integrity that HPI does.

Bianca Capo Bianca Capo

Bianca Capo

Charlotte, North Carolina

The Human Potential Coach Training is one of the most incredible programs to increase your skillset as a Coach and reach your potential as a human being. The teaching staff is incredible!! Thank you for shifting my consciousness and giving me the tools to help others do the same.


What is the difference between your two training tracks?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) have recently just updated their requirements for coaching organizations and Coach training programs that are accredited by them. You can read more about the changes here.

As a result of this, we are launching two tracks: The Level 1 Accredited ICF track for those who want to be credentialed with the ICF and the Regular track for those who don’t want to be credentialed with the ICF. Both tracks, when successfully completed, will lead to you becoming a Certified Human Potential Coach.

WHAT IS THE ICF? The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization for Coaches and coaching. With over 25 years leading the global advancement of the coaching profession, ICF-credentialed Coaches are recognized as professional Coaches with a commitment to integrity, understanding the mastery of coaching skills, and dedication
to Clients.

Our Level-1 ICF Accredited Human Potential Coach Training track will fully prepare you to take the next steps in gaining your ICF credential after successful completion of our program. We now include 10 hours of Mentor Coaching and meet all other ICF requirements, so you may proceed directly toward your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential upon certification
with HPI.

Choosing this track will be right for you if you are interested in pursuing your own coaching business, working as an internal Coach within organizations, and working with employee assistance program providers that provide coaching as a benefit to global corporations.

The Regular Human Potential Coach Training track is better suited for students who wish to gain or enhance their coaching skills, personal development knowledge, and deepen their practices without the added rigor of submitting additional materials and attending extra calls. The option does not include the 10 hours of Mentor Coaching or personalized feedback opportunities from the Faculty throughout your training program, and upon certification from HPI students will not be eligible to credential with the ICF.

How much is the training program? What does my investment include?

The Human Potential Coach Training program costs:

  • $6997 for the Level 1 Accredited ICF Track
  • $4997 for the Regular track
  • Payment plans are available for both options

Your Investment for Human Potential Coach Training includes:

  • The entire Certified Human Potential Coach Training program including the 24+ live calls, two-day online workshop, weekly Coaching Clinic, access to private Facebook group, personalized feedback from the Coaching Faculty and support from the HPI Coach team.
  • Two business and marketing courses from the highest paid marketing consultant in the world, Jay Abraham.
  • 3 live Inner Game of Coaching sessions with HPI founder Dr. Mark Atkinson.
  • 8-week self-paced Be Unlimited personal development program.
  • Discounts on future Human Potential Institute offerings, the Annual Biohacking Conference and continuing education opportunities (this is beneficial for re-credentialing with the ICF down the line!).
  • Free listing on the Human Potential Institute website following your certification.
  • Access to our wonderful community of 1500+ people. Find your tribe or next business partner!
  • Upon certification you will be awarded the prestigious accolade: Certified Human Potential Coach (CHPC).

And for those of you on our Level 1 Accredited ICF training track:

  • 10 Mentor Coaching hours from our specially trained, ICF-accredited Mentor Coaches.
  • Eligibility for membership and the opportunity to credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s largest, most prestigious membership association for professional Coaches.

Receive a world-class, ICF-accredited Coach training program from $333/month.

Can you tell me about your payment plan?

Discover the buy-now-pay-later option with no credit check, no application, and no interest payments. Buying with Splitit puts you in control of your cash flow.

By selecting Splitit’s payment option at checkout, you can split your purchase of the Human Potential Coach Training program into interest-free monthly payment using your existing Visa or Mastercard credit card for up to 12 months.

You can experience instant approval, and there’s no need to apply for a new line of credit, fill out an application, or face a credit check.

Do you have a course summary and schedule?

Please email for more details.

What is unique about Human Potential Coach Training?

Great question! Here are 5 great reasons why you should consider training to become a Human Potential Coach:

  1. World-class accredited training in line with the International Coaching Federation core competencies, PLUS live training with Dr. Mark Atkinson (HPI founder) on the six pillars of the Inner Game of Coaching: Mastery of Experience, Mastery of Emotion, Mastery of Energy, Mastery of Envisioning, Mastery of Engagement and Mastery of Execution.
  2. A highly-innovative, science-informed, whole-person coaching model using a revolutionary presence-centered methodology for powerful, radical shifts and insights.
  3. A great mix of flexible study (2-4 hours per week) with the accountability of 24+ live training Zoom calls and weekly open office hours with Faculty. Plus, ‘the highlight for many students’ — a 2-day online workshop intensive.
  4. Entire training is home-based and 100% online.
  5. Two time options to attend each teaching session. Gives you flexibility.

In a 2020 report, the estimated 71,000 Coaches worldwide generated over $2.849 billion (USD) in annual revenues. As you might expect the greatest concentration of Coaches, and highest paid Coaches, are in high-income areas like North America, Western Europe and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). The average fee charged for a one-hour coaching session was $229 USD. The average number of Clients at any given time, 10. The average number of hours spent coaching Clients each week, 13.

More than one in two Coach practitioners believe to a large extent that coaching is able to influence social change.

It is an exciting time to become a Coach!

What is the structure of the training?

Our Human Potential Coach Training course has been designed to deliver the ideal balance of experiential training, knowledge and coaching skills development.

Every skill, tool, technology and process has been selected because of its ability to bring about effective change. Our approach is pragmatic, based on evidence (when available) and experience. We teach what works.  Human Potential Coach Training includes:

  • The Outer Game of Coaching
    • 26+ live training calls with coaching faculty
    • 2-day online workshop intensive
  • The Inner Game of Coaching
    • 3 live calls with Dr. Mark Atkinson, founder of HPI, focused on the principles and practices of inner personal development.
  • Transforming Passion into Profit
    • Guidance for setting up a successful coaching business
    • Access to two business and marketing courses from the world-famous Jay Abraham
  • The Certification Process
  • A private online social community group for your specific training cohort

PLUS, for those of you on our Level 1 Accredited ICF Track:

  • 10 hours of ICF Mentor Coaching

For more details about each of these please see the Curriculum Guide.

Can I see some additional testimonials?

Certainly! We have a lot! You can access them HERE.

When are the training courses?

Please email for our future schedule options.

What happens at the workshop?

Included within the price of your training is our 2-day online workshop. This is one of the highlights for many of our students!

The workshop consists of:

  • An overview of the key life coaching hacks of Presence, Resourcing, Intuition and Embodied Transformation and some of the underpinning research and science.
  • Several simple, yet highly effective, methods for accessing Presence & live practice in facilitating these with your Clients.
  • Practical, experiential training in engaging Presence and Embodiment moves for bringing greater ease and flow in your coaching while creating powerful, rapid shifts for your Clients.
  • Training in deep, intuitive listening, how to resource your Clients in this key skill, plus how to bring intuition into the coaching conversation for greatest effect.
  • Some highly effective, research-driven ways of bringing the Client’s embodied intelligence into the session via simple proven embodiment moves.
  • Experiential training and group exploration in the unspoken relational dynamics necessary for creating the safe, intimate, trust-based coaching container–blending empathy and compassion while stretching the Client’s capacity.
  • Ways to effectively bring knowledge and resources to your Client sessions while remaining within the competencies and keeping the Client fully empowered.
  • An opportunity to explore in community as we practice and embed these powerful coaching skills and at the same time experientially transforming ourselves.

It is a pretty intensive process, but the experience will pay off immediately. Bring your curiosity, your beginner’s mind and be ready to work hard!

When are the workshops?

Please email for more details.

What is your course withdrawal policy?

If you withdraw from the Human Potential Coach Training program, the following policy will decide whether you are entitled to a refund or not. Your eligibility to receive a refund is entirely dependent upon when you make the request.

  • If you withdraw 31+ days before the Mandatory Orientation Call, a full refund will be provided (minus a $250 non-refundable registration fee and any financial transaction costs e.g. PayPal, card or bank transfer fees).
  • If you withdraw within 30 days of the Mandatory Orientation Call, there is no refund.
  • This applies to your original cohort of enrollment into the Coach Training program.
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