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Frequently Asked Questions

what is unique about Human Potential Coaching?

Great question! Here are 5 great reasons why you should consider Human Potential Coaching:

  1. World-class accredited training in the International Coach Federation coaching skills PLUS 35 weeks of content to upgrade your body, mind and life. (Most Coach training programs will only teach you coaching skills.)
  2. A highly-innovative, science-backed, whole-person coaching model using a revolutionary presence-centered methodology for powerful, radical shifts and insights.
  3. Live Human Potential Development Webinars with the founder of the Human Potential Institute, Dr. Mark Atkinson and Quarterly Q&As with Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof and author of Super Human.
  4. A great mix of flexible study (4-6 hours per week) with the accountability of 30+ live training Zoom calls and weekly open office hours with Faculty. Plus, ‘the highlight for many students’ – a 2-day online workshop intensive.
  5. Learn and develop a foundational mindfulness practice as a key resource for embodied coaching and psychological well-being.

In a 2016 report the estimated 53,300 Coaches worldwide generated over $2.3 billion (USD) in annual revenues. As you might expect the greatest concentration of Coaches, and highest paid Coaches, are in high-income areas like North America, Western Europe and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand). The average fee charged for a one-hour coaching session was $229 USD. The average number of Clients at any given time, 10. The average number of hours spent coaching Clients each week, 13.

Moreover, more than one in two Coach practitioners believe to a large extent that coaching is able to influence social change.

It is an exciting time to become a Coach!

What is the structure of the course?

Our Human Potential Coach Training course has been designed to deliver the ideal balance of experiential training, knowledge and coaching skills development.

Every skill, tool, technology and process has been selected because of its ability to bring about effective change. Our approach is pragmatic, based on evidence (when available) and experience. We teach what works.

Human Potential Coach Training kicks off with the virtual training program and live teaching sessions, followed by your 2-day coaching workshop, and our 8-week virtual Mindfulness Training.

Throughout the training you will get access to Dr. Mark’s Human Potential Lab – a masterclass focused on inner development and self-actualization, live Q&A Webinars with Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof and a private Facebook group for your specific training cohort.


The 35-week virtual training program dives deep into the core Human Potential Coaching knowledge, skills, tools and practices. In addition to the content created by myself and Dr. Mark we also have contributions from several world-class experts. Each week throughout the course, new content is released to you through your online learning platform. You are in for a treat!

The Virtual Training program consists of five sections:

  • Human Potential Fundamentals — Human Potential knowledge, tools and practices.
  • Coaching Skills & Competencies — learning our Human Potential Coaching process.
  • Coaching Practice Intensive — practicing the Human Potential Coaching process.
  • Transforming Passion into Profit — creating a plan for utilizing your Human Potential Coaching skills and services.
  • Certification Overview — getting you ready for certification.

For more detail about each of these please see the Curriculum Guide.

What happens at the workshop?

Included within the price of your training is our 2-day workshop. This is one of the highlights for many of our students!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our workshops are all being delivered online. This allows you to complete your training 100% online.

The workshop consists of:

  • An overview of the key life coaching hacks of Presence, Resourcing, Intuition and Embodied Transformation and some of the underpinning research and science.
  • Several simple, yet highly effective, methods for accessing Presence & live practice in facilitating these with your Clients.
  • Practical, experiential training in engaging Presence and Embodiment moves for bringing greater ease and flow in your coaching while creating powerful, rapid shifts for your Clients.
  • Training in deep, intuitive listening, how to resource your Clients in this key skill, plus how to bring intuition into the coaching conversation for greatest effect.
  • Some highly effective, research-driven ways of bringing the Client’s embodied intelligence into the session via simple proven embodiment moves.
  • Experiential training and group exploration in the unspoken relational dynamics necessary for creating the safe, intimate, trust-based coaching container–blending empathy and compassion while stretching the Client’s capacity.
  • Ways to effectively bring knowledge and resources to your Client sessions while remaining within the competencies and keeping the Client fully empowered.
  • An opportunity to explore in community as we practice and embed these powerful coaching skills and at the same time experientially transforming ourselves.

It is a pretty intensive process, but the experience will pay off immediately. Bring your curiosity, your beginner’s mind and be ready to work hard!

How much is the training program? What does my investment include?

Your Investment for Human Potential Coach Training includes:

  • The entire Certified Human Potential Coach Training program including the 35-week virtual training course, 30+ live calls, two-day online workshop, weekly Coaching clinic, access to private Facebook group, personalized feedback from the Coaching Faculty and support from the HPI Coach team. [$5,997 Value]
  • Two business and marketing courses from the highest paid marketing consultant in the world, Jay Abraham. [$10,000 Value]
  • Exclusive access to Dr. Mark Atkinson’s Self-actualization training program for Human Potential Coach students – The Human Potential Lab. [$1,000 Value]
  • Exclusive quarterly live Q&A webinars with Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey. [$500 Value]
  • 8-week Mindfulness Training with mindfulness teacher and Head of Faculty, Rod Francis. [$197 Value]
  • Access to our incredible flagship online personal development course, Be Unlimited. [$197 Value]
  • Discounts on future Human Potential Institute offerings, the Annual Biohacking Conference and continuing education opportunities (this is beneficial for re-credentialing with the ICF down the line!). [$500+ Value]
  • Free listing on the Human Potential Institute website following your certification. [$500 Value]
  • Access to our wonderful community of 1500+ people. Find your tribe or next business partner! [$Priceless]
  • Upon certification you will be awarded the prestigious accolade: Certified Human Potential Coach (CHPC). [$Priceless]
  • Eligibility for membership with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s largest, most prestigious membership association for professional Coaches. [$Priceless]

Enroll Before Jan 25, 2021 and pay just $595 (9 monthly payments) or $4997 (1 payment)


Receive a world-class, ICF-accredited, 4-in-1, Coach training program valued at $18,000 for now less than $5k! Now 100% online!

what is your course withdrawal policy?

Course Withdrawal, Cancellations, Changes & Refunds: If you withdraw from the Human Potential Coach Training program, the following policy will decide whether you are entitled to a refund or not. Your eligibility to receive a refund is entirely dependent upon when you make the request.

  • If you withdraw 31+ days before the start of the online/virtual Coach Training component, a full refund will be provided (minus a $250 non-refundable registration fee and any financial transaction costs e.g. PayPal, card or bank transfer fees).
  • If you withdraw within 30 days of your online/virtual Coach Training commencing, or if your online training has commenced, there is no refund.
  • This applies to your original date of enrollment into the Coach Training program.

Become a Certified Human Potential Coach

Our ICF-Accredited Online Coach Training program is the fast-track way to creating a deeply fulfilling life by helping others realize their unlimited potential.

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