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A Course in Self-Leadership

To survive and thrive in these challenging times you need a mind that works for you, not against you.

A trained, optimized mind provides you with the clarity, grounding and inner spaciousness to respond more skillfully and wisely to Life. It enables resilience and reveals interconnection.

Our groundbreaking online, experiential course will help make this your reality.

You will also discover how to

Feel calm andcentred underpressure.

Feel calm and
centred under

Shape a Mind that isClear, Focused &Awareness Infused.

Shape a Mind that is
Clear, Focused &
Awareness Infused.

Skillfully manageyour emotions, thoughtsand perceptions.

Skillfully manage
your emotions, thoughts
and perceptions.

Live from a more conscious, resourceful, resilient state of being.

Live from a more conscious, resourceful,
resilient state of being.

Let go of limiting beliefs, stories, resentments and shame.

Let go of limiting beliefs, stories,
resentments and shame.

Manage and upgrade your energy and relationships.

Manage and upgrade your energy
and relationships.

Previous participants LOVED Be Unlimited!

94% emerged with a greater sense of ease, confidence and wellbeing

94% stated that the course exceeded their expectations

97% felt less stressed, tense and anxious

How Be Unlimited delivers
incredible results

Learn from Dr Mark Atkinson, MBBS

Learn from Dr Mark Atkinson, MBBS

internationally-renowned human potential teacher, medical doctor and Head of the Human Potential Institute.

Mind/perception mastery practices

Mind/perception mastery practices

to shift out of fear and unnessary stress into a way of being centered in awareness, inner ease and the experience of flow.

Psychobiological Technologies

Psychobiological Technologies

to support you in maximizing your wellbeing and becoming the CEO of your Energy, Mind and Future.

Access a wellspring of inspiration

Access a wellspring of inspiration

by learning how to let go of, and undo the psychological conditioning that keeps your potential locked up.

Learn from our VIP guest

Learn from our VIP guest

Dave Asprey – founder of Bulletproof and author of Game Changers and HeadStrong.

What You Will Learn…

Module 1: Waking Up

A trained, optimized mind provides the clarity, grounding and inner spaciousness to respond more skillfully and wisely to Life. It enables resilience and reveals interconnection.

The foundations of Be Unlimited and the master key to developing a trained, optimized mind is choosing to attune to Presence (and not your mind-stream) Now.

Presence is Conscious Awareness. It is Inclusive Consciousness. It is a shared deeper dimension of you and I that can be accessed here/now when you know how. It is innately revelatory.

By accessing Presence our mental narrative naturally quietens. Reactivity, tension and drama falls away. We become present, open and aware. We feel connected and grounded. Our mental clarity goes up and our capacity to respond wisely and compassionately automatically happens. Of course, this is not to be believed, but experienced.

In module one, Dr. Mark will teach you:

  • An immediate way to restore your felt experience of aware Presence on-demand.
  • How to identify (and shift out of) the conditioned behaviors and mindstates that are keeping you limited, stressed and closed from the intelligent flow of life.
  • Why welcoming and working with Reality is so profoundly important to everything, including your vitality, fulfillment and inner freedom.
  • To shift out of unhelpful stories and dramas on-demand and into the sanity, and clear-seeing of aware Presence.
  • Why upgrading from a thought-based operating system to awareness based operating system is essential to unfolding your best self and highest future.
  • A series of daily morning and evening rituals to enhance your psychological fitness.

Module 2: Powering Up

Do you manage your energy consciously? For you to be feeling and functioning at your best you need your body to be working for you, not against you. Proactively managing your energy and optimizing your hormones, nutrition and lifestyle provides the foundations for sustainable energy levels.

In this module Dr. Mark and VIP guest Dave Asprey, are going to teach you:

  • How to skilfully manage and upgrade your energy.
  • Why intentionally shifting between periods of intense activity/focus and renewal and relaxation is the key to health and high-performance (and not burning out!).
  • The changes to your food and nutrition that will bring about incredible changes in your mood, energy and focus in the quickest possible time.
  • How to upgrade your metabolism in a way that prioritizes the burning of fat for energy and unhooks you from carbohydrate dependency. The result? Cravings and body fat percentage goes down. Physical energy and mental clarity go up.
  • A powerful practice for activating your body’s innate ability to release stress and tension and access a underlying sense of wellbeing and aliveness.
  • Which supplements will help you activate untapped brain energy to work smarter and think faster.
  • About the hacks to supercharge your brain, energy and performance.

Module 3: Cleaning Up

To Clean Up is to create a physical environment that supports (not undermines) your health, energy and performance (easy to do) and an inner psychological environment that allows your potential to unfold (challenging, but we will show you how!).

In this module Dr Mark is going to teach you;

  • How to identify your personal kryptonite, the beliefs and influences, past and present that habitually pull you out of aware Presence – and what to do about them.
  • A revolutionary way to welcome and work with your inner experience (thoughts, emotions and sensations) that will liberate energy, wellbeing and clarity.
  • A deeply liberating process for experiencing total self-acceptance, including acceptance of your physical body. In fact, after you have completed the exercise, you will be able to look at your naked body and feel relaxed, energized and at peace! No judgements.
  • How to let-go of anything that gets in the way of you experiencing inner freedom and deep fulfillment.
  • A simple daily self-care practice designed to release the accumulation of tension and resentment. You are going to enjoy the wellbeing and freedom that comes with this.
  • How to align with, versus resist and control, the flow of life.

Module 4: Growing Up

Bring to mind at least one or two habits or behaviours that you would like to change or delete? We all have ones in serious need of upgrading, what are yours? Do you struggle with keeping commitments and/or find that your focus and energy is being hijacked by a distraction, compulsion or addiction? Have you discovered that motivation is not the key to sustainable change? The answer is almost certainly yes, this is a challenge for everyone. And that is why we have dedicated a module to the process of upgrading your behaviours and habits.

In this module Dr. Mark is going to teach you:

  • How to systematically upgrade behaviours that undermine your health, integrity or performance.
  • To take charge of the habit creation process – it is easier than you think.
  • How to welcome and work with the personas of your ego-complex (especially the perfectionist and inner critic) in ways that frees up energy and clarity.
  • How to welcome all of the disowned aspects of you, and by doing so initiate an auto-upgrade process to your personality.
  • Why making a micro-adjustment to your state-of-being, starting small and building on existing habits are the keys to habit change.
  • The key practices and principles for transforming and upgrading your relationships.
  • How to systematically identify your patterns around success, money, health, weight, emotions and relationships – and how to upgrade the ones that you want to.

Module 5: Showing Up

In this module Dr Mark will teach you:

  • Why the journey of the human being, the journey into learning and life, is so challenging, and how to work with those challenges rather than against them.
  • A perspective on what your life purpose and gifts are – and invite you to discover whether it is true for you.
  • What active surrender is, and how to embrace its transformational potency.
  • How to continue to show up, wake up and trust in life’s infinite intelligence.
  • How to transform your relationships and start seeing with the eyes of heart.
  • Why connecting with others and creating mutually supportive and empowering relationships is key to your expansion into the world.
  • A way of being in the world in which you feel grateful and connected most of the time.

Since Be Unlimited, I'm less angry and bitter. I recognize how seemingly harmless things physically manifest on me; this awareness has allowed me to redirect precious energy (that I'd normally waste) on projects and relationships I actually care about. I have more patience in communicating with my wife about her own health. Finding the balance to discuss things, as opposed to lecturing or avoidance. That is priceless!

Be Unlimited gave me an understanding of myself that I would have a hard time finding elsewhere. Some people take a lot from reading, but the EXPERIENCE of Be Unlimited was a great return on a small investment of money, time and energy.

Dr. Mark offers great mentoring on how to develop both resilience and agility in one's life. In the chaos we accept as life, he succeeds in teaching us such a simple set of effective skills that takes us out of our minds and back into our bodies - the place is was always meant "to be."

I got far more out of this course than I ever could have anticipated. I expect the range of the positive effects will only continue to grow.

This course was a real eye opener for me! It’s an excelent program that put me on the path to discover my true self and become more aligned with the truth of reality. Like Dr. Mark says “it’s not for you to believe, but for you to experience”. Thanks Dr. Mark for this wonderful gift and life changing experience.

I don’t believe I can live the same way I used to live before Be Unlimited. Once you glimpse life from your true You, you commit to the practices as if your life depended on it! May I never forget my true Self!

This was such a fantastic course! I learned so much in 6 weeks, and am actually sad that its over. But there is plenty of material that I can carry with me going forward. Dr. Mark is such a great teacher, and is so true. You can tell that he practices everything we are learning. I will definitely be back for more!

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