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Mark Atkinson, MBBS

Mark Atkinson, MBBS

Mark is a British medical doctor and internationally-renowned pioneer in the fields of mind-body medicine and human potential development. He is the founder of the Human Potential Institute and co-creator of the Human Potential Coach Training program. Mark is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and Fellow of the American Institute of Stress. His books include 'The Mind-Body Bible' and 'True Happiness - Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health.' In the past Mark was the co-founder of the British College of Integrative Medicine, Chairman of the British Society of Integrated Medicine, UK’s Health Journalist of the Year (2005) and a holistic medical doctor on GMTV, one of Europe’s most popular breakfast shows. Mark graduated as a medical doctor from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School (now Imperial College School of Medicine) in 1997.

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