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Is your income less than you want it to be?

Are you looking to change career?

Have you considered training as a Coach?

Take charge of your income and future with our world-class Human Potential Coach training program.



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    Whether you want to transition to a new career as a full-time certified Coach, upgrade your professional skills, or earn additional income alongside your existing work, the HPI Human Potential Coach Training program will get you where you want to go. Human Potential Coaches typically charge their Clients $100 to $350/hour.

    Becoming a Certified Human Potential Coach is the fast-track way to creating a deeply fulfilling life by helping others unlock their potential.

    Our Human Potential Coach Certification Will Set You Apart

    4-in-1 Training

    4-in-1 Training

    Should you train as a Life Coach, Health Coach, Performance Coach or Personal Development Coach? With our 9-month, 100% online Human Potential Coach Training you don’t need to decide. We teach you all four!



    If you want to be recognized as a Professional Coach and want to charge a premium rate, an International Coach Federation (ICF)-Accredited training is a must. Ours is approved for 70+ "Approved Coach Specific Training Hours" (ACSTH)!

    FROM $416/MO

    FROM $416/MO

    We now offer an incredible 0% interest, no fee, no application, no credit check instalment plan with our partner Splitit. Plans start from $416/Mo. Choose the length of your plan - from 2 to 12 months!

    $18,000 OF VALUE!

    $18,000 OF VALUE!

    You will receive a world-class coach training program package valued at $18,000 for less than 5k! This includes two business and marketing courses from the highest paid marketing consultant in the world, Jay Abraham!



    Become part of an incredible community of over 1500 students and Coaches. Tap into life-changing business opportunities and friendships. Belong to a network of like-minded people!


    & Download our Curriculum Guide immediately!

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      Wondering whether we are a good fit for you? Read what our Graduates have to say!

      Samantha Kiani Samantha Kiani

      Samantha Kiani

      The quality of this course far exceeded my expectations (which were high) - and the faculty were also absolutely excellent. I really can not recommend HPI more highly. It’s a life changing course and one of the better coaching courses (especially at this price point).

      Jenna Iaizzo Jenna Iaizzo

      Jenna Iaizzo

      Minneapolis, Minnesota

      This was more than just a program to gain a coaching certificate. The Human Potential Coaching program opened up many paths and journeys for self-development and growth. The learnings are unending and uplifting and are propelling me into an exciting future. The ability to show up and be present is the greatest learning. I am truly grateful to have found this program and made it through.

      David K. Woodward, DPT David K. Woodward, DPT

      David K. Woodward, DPT

      Honolulu, Hawaii

      I feel much more confident on how I am as a human being; as a husband, father, biohacker, and entrepreneur, and recognizing what kind of potential I am capable of reaching. But what is even more amazing is how I can share this experience with all my clients and patients, and help as many people out there with reaching what they may perceive as resilience. I believe coaching can be an opening to concierge health care, and I am excited to be a part of it!

      Anja Ebersbach Anja Ebersbach

      Anja Ebersbach

      Balearic Islands, Spain

      Excellent trainers, very supportive and very experienced, so there was a lot of knowledge to gain. The excellent venue was conducive to learning. There was a great interaction and trust between participants, which was encouraged by the openness / approachability of the facilitators. Trust was quickly established. The environment was very supportive.

      Heather Fowee Heather Fowee

      Heather Fowee

      Cincinnati, Ohio

      When I started Human Potential Coach Training, I had no idea where I wanted to take my coaching business, after a long health-coaching sabbatical. After certifying, I'm crystal clear on where I want to go from here and how I can be a purposeful life-changer!

      Karin Reed Karin Reed

      Karin Reed

      Cincinnati, Ohio

      Be ready to be transformed. Whatever you think you may be getting into with this program, you will get 100 fold. I thought I knew a lot going into this but it rocked my whole world.

      Evan Gonzalez Evan Gonzalez

      Evan Gonzalez

      Santa Cruz, California

      I highly recommend that if you plan to certify as a Human Potential Coach, take the leap and go all the way through and credential with the ICF as an ACC. The course fine tunes training on the ICF competencies and prepares you to enter the ICF credentialing process confidently.

      Shane Borza Shane Borza

      Shane Borza

      Los Angeles, California

      This course is life changing! I went into it thinking it would be a technical course that would teach me the skills of how-to coach. Instead, I became a better person (in all aspects of my life) and, through that, I learned how to coach. If you are looking to transform yourself, learn, grow, help others, and develop skills for both a better life and a fulfilling career, then I invite you to join us.

      Melina Vicario Melina Vicario

      Melina Vicario

      Buenos Aires, Argentina

      There are 3 main things that make Human Potential Coach Training unique: learning directly from the father of Biohacking, Dave Asprey, the quality and relentless commitment of the training faculty and the tribe and community. The training allowed me to deliver the first Biohacking seminar of Argentina and to become a Biohacking influencer in Latin America. I strongly recommend this program!

      Emily Baker Emily Baker

      Emily Baker

      Los Angeles, California

      It’s not an exaggeration to say that coach training transformed my life. My career as the District Attorney of LA county left me sick and burned out. Human Potential Coach Training taught me how to heal from the inside out. After becoming a certified Coach I quit my job, started my own company and now have the energy to live the life I was looking for.

      Lisa Honeywell Lisa Honeywell

      Lisa Honeywell

      Houston, Texas

      I have tremendous respect and admiration for the Human Potential Coaches that have come before me and those that will follow. The skill and ability to be present while coaching my Clients is truly an inspiring and cherished gift. Peers experienced their own incredible and unexpected breakthroughs during our coaching sessions. My Clients have attested to the powerful impact and effectiveness of genuine mindful coaching.

      Dayne Barkley Dayne Barkley

      Dayne Barkley

      Melbourne, Australia

      The skills and knowledge I've obtained from the Human Potential Coach training course are unlike any other. I was finally able to effectively implement a daily meditation practice into my life thanks to the 8-week Mindfulness Training, sharpen and improve my skills as a Coach and person, all with an incredibly supportive team and network at my fingertips. I am truly grateful for my experience.

      Bianca Capo Bianca Capo

      Bianca Capo

      Charlotte, North Carolina

      The Human Potential Coach Training is one of the most incredible programs to increase your skillset as a Coach and reach your potential as a human being. The teaching staff is incredible!! Thank you for shifting my consciousness and giving me the tools to help others do the same.

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