Work personally with a highly experienced, ICF-credentialed Mentor Coach.

Call Make-Up Sessions

If you have fallen short of the required live calls for certification, or on your group Mentor Coach package, you may substitute a Mentor Coach Session for the missed call. You can purchase up to four sessions to make up a maximum of two missed Skills Calls and two missed Practice Calls. You may share the cost with a fellow coaching student and make up the group call together if you wish. You may make up one missed Mentor Pod call in this way.

Sessions with a Coach Mentor

Need some professional coaching on your coaching? Seek out the undivided attention of an experienced Coach and Mentor for a one-hour session.

How you use your time will be up to you.

  • Bring someone to coach in real-time and receive helpful feedback and suggestions.
  • Talk about a specific client and/or coaching related issues or listen to a recorded session together.

A single session costs $180, or purchase five sessions for $850 or 10 sessions for $1,650. You can even share the sessions with a fellow coaching student, so you can split the cost!

If you have any questions please email us at

The Mentor Coach Sessions are non-refundable.

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