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We offer several ways for professional Coaches to deepen their learning, engage with our unique and extraordinary methodology plus gain ICF CCEUs for re-credentialing.

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ICF Group Mentor Coaching
ICF Credentialing Essentials!

ICF Group Mentor Coaching

Join our 10 session (3 individual; 7 group) mentor coaching program. Work with highly experienced PCC-level industry experts and meet the requirements for credentialing or recredentialing.

2-Day Live Online Workshop
Gain 10 ICF ACSTH or CCEUs

2-Day Live Online Workshop

This is a 10 hour live online (2 x 5hr sessions) workshop experience where we explore some key aspects of the Human Potential Coaching model in community.

2-Day In-Person Workshop
Gain 14 ICF ACSTH or CCEUs

2-Day In-Person Workshop

Our brand new, in-person 2-day program will be in LA in 2021 and is brimming with fascinating science-backed tools and skills to seriously upgrade your coaching.

Mindfulness for Coaches
Key practices for great Coaches.

Mindfulness for Coaches

Our unique 8-week live online program is designed to teach you mindfulness practice from the ground up + help you establish a regular practice. Essential for all great Coaches!

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The HPI Mentor Coach Program is conducted in pods of no more than 10 students and offers 7 group sessions and 3 one-on-one sessions with one of our highly-qualified ICF-credentialed Coach Training team. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will attend these one-hour sessions with your pod and your Mentor Coach, following which you will be able to meet the mentor coaching requirement for credentialing or re-credentialing with the ICF. The benefit of our mentor coaching packages is the combination of group and individual sessions. You get the added experience of group learning but with the benefit of individual sessions to round it out.


  • 7 group sessions with a PCC-level ICF Mentor Coach
  • 3 one-on-one sessions with a PCC-level ICF Mentor Coach


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Our workshops are an integral part of our ICF-accredited Coach Training program and can be taken as a stand-alone program for Coaches looking for continuing education or units for re-credentialing. These workshops are a great opportunity to take a deep dive into several key components of our unique coaching methodology and earn valuable ICF Core Competency Units for re-credentialing.

In our enlightening, 2-day experiential, virtual workshop we explore a number of powerful competencies-driven coaching hacks which will offer you:

  • An overview of our key coaching hacks of Presence, Intuition and Embodied Transformation plus we cover a little of the underpinning science.
  • Some simple, yet highly effective methods for accessing Presence & possibilities for facilitating them with your Clients.
  • Practical, experiential training in engaging somatic and embodiment moves which can create powerful, rapid shifts in your Clients.
  • Some highly effective, research-driven ways of bringing the Client’s embodied intelligence into the session via simple proven embodiment moves.
  • Training in deep, intuitive listening and how to seamlessly introduce coaches intuition into the coaching conversation for greatest effect.
  • Experiential training and powerful facilitated exploration into unspoken relational dynamics necessary for creating the safe, intimate, trust-based coaching container.
  • Experiential opportunities to integrate and embed the new learning into your current coaching skills.

One of the surprising outcomes of the virtual program is that it teaches you how to powerfully integrate somatic, Presence-centered coaching methods into your own virtual coaching. A must these days in our post-COVID coaching world!


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While our virtual workshop is an integral part of our ICF-accredited Coach Training program and can also be taken as a stand-alone program for Coaches looking for continuing education or units for re-credentialing, the in-person workshop is an additional opportunity for all Coaches to dive deep into our unique coaching methodology with our community and to be facilitated by our master Coach faculty.

In this seriously upgraded, 2-day experiential, professional workshop we explore several of our key coaching hacks including:

  • Presence, Intuition and Embodiment.
  • In experiential practices we’ll explore what they are and how we can seamlessly integrate these into your coaching.
  • Training in deep, intuitive listening, how to resource your Clients in this key skill, plus how to bring intuition into the coaching conversation for greatest effect.
  • How to recruit embodied intelligence for more creative & powerful coaching.
  • Learn how to bring narrative, metaphor, imagery, rich language and visualization into your coaching for powerful conversations that create shift.
  • How to work with Clients who feel blocked or stuck.


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Mindfulness for Coaches

Our 8-week mindfulness program aims to teach participants the key foundational practices of mindfulness meditation in a simple, easy to understand manner and contains all you need to be able to establish your own regular daily practice. The live classes combine learning context and experiential teacher-led practice with less formal opportunities to ask clarifying questions and gain helpful feedback from our experienced practitioner faculty.

There is also some additional learning content on our dedicated learning platform including  downloadable practice meditations. Participants are expected to commit to regular daily practice for the duration of the program.

While the classes are live, if you can’t make the the live calls or miss any, all class recordings are stored on the learning platform for you.

The program includes:

  • 8 weekly live Zoom classes of up to 90 minutes. (60 minutes of formal class + up to 30 minutes for informal questions and feedback).
  • Supportive learning content on the learning platform.
  • Downloadable practice meditations.
  • Further resources to support your practice going forward.
  • Helpful tips for coaches to be able to integrate mindfulness skills into their coaching.
  • Possibility to enter a level-2 program to take your practice further.

INVESTMENT: $295 — currently reduced to $197, save $100!

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We know our methods work and would love to have you join us on these fascinating learning journeys.


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