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We offer a variety of opportunities for Coaches to continue their education and receive both Core Competency units and RD units for re-credentialing with the ICF in a vibrant, growth-minded community with highly experienced Coaching Faculty. 

Emergent Coach Training (88.5 CCEUs)

Emergent Coaching is an advanced International Coach Federation PCC-level professional Coach training program and a radical and innovative leap in the field of coaching and change conversations.

It integrates cutting-edge discoveries in cognitive science with time-proven strategies for profound insight, deep intuition and transformation into a simple, unique and extraordinarily powerful coaching methodology.

At the heart of emergent coaching is learning how to work skillfully with the non-conscious dynamics that allow emergent insight and the actualization of human potential within yourself and your coaching Clients.

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The Human Potential Mentor Coach Program is conducted in pods of no more than 10 students and offers 7 group sessions and 3 one-on-one sessions with one of our highly-qualified ICF credentialed Coach Training team. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will attend these one-hour sessions with your pod and your Mentor Coach, following which you will be able to meet the mentor coaching requirement for credentialing or re-credentialing with the ICF. The benefit of our mentor coaching packages is the combination of group and individual sessions. You get the added experience of group learning but with the benefit of individual sessions to round it out.


  • 7 group sessions with a PCC-level ICF Mentor Coach
  • 3 one-on-one sessions with a PCC-level ICF Mentor Coach



Our workshops are an integral part of our ICF-accredited Coach Training program and can be taken as a stand-alone program for Coaches looking for continuing education or units for re-credentialing. These workshops are a great opportunity to take a deep dive into several key components of our unique coaching methodology and earn valuable ICF Core Competency Units for re-credentialing.

In our enlightening, 2-day experiential, professional workshop we explore several powerful competencies-driven coaching hacks which will offer you:

  • An overview of the key coaching hacks of Presence, Resourcing, Intuition and Embodied Transformation plus we cover some of the underpinning research and science.
  • Several simple, yet highly effective methods for accessing Presence & live practice in facilitating these with your Clients.
  • Practical, experiential training in engaging Presence and Embodiment moves for bringing greater ease and flow in your coaching while creating powerful, rapid shifts for your Clients.
  • Training in deep, intuitive listening, how to resource your Clients in this key skill, plus how to bring intuition into the coaching conversation for greatest effect.
  • Some highly effective, research-driven ways of bringing the Client’s embodied intelligence into the session via simple proven embodiment moves.
  • Experiential training and group exploration in
the unspoken relational dynamics necessary for creating the safe, intimate, trust-based coaching container — blending empathy and compassion while stretching the Client’s capacity.
  • Ways to effectively bring knowledge and resources to your Client sessions while remaining within 
the competencies and keeping the Client fully empowered. These are transformative moves for any health, nutrition or lifestyle Coach.
  • An opportunity to explore in community as we practice and embed these powerful coaching skills while at the same time, experimentally transforming ourselves.


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Be Empowered is an experiential, nature-based retreat for anyone who is committed to living and coaching from their Whole Self.

If you sense you are not living a life reflective of your potential. If you have a yearning to reconnect with nature. If you are being moved to live deeply and consciously – BE EMPOWERED is for you.

Over 3.5 days (Sept 4 – 7, 2020), and in the company of a inspiring community of like-minded Coaches you will

  • Discover how to bring forth your higher potentials and actualize your life purpose.
  • Access the superpowers of deep intuitive listening and wholehearted presence.
  • Learn ways to embody new ways of being – and help your Clients do the same.
  • Explore the use of myth, metaphor, story and fable to evoke insight and transformation.
  • Receive a deeper narrative through encounters with nature, dreams and your essential self.


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Be Empowered is part of our new Emergent Coach Training Program.

We hope you’ll join us to continue your education and development as a Coach. 


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